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Editorial Guidelines

Article Titles – The title of the article for your press release can be just a general announcement of your business, talking about the features and benefits. Or if you plan to write it yourself, it can be any newsworthy topic, for example about a new product you just launched.

Prohibited/Premium Topics– Articles about CBD, supplements, marijuana, politics, guns, alcohol, drugs, gambling, legal cases, loans, credit repair, health, selling of likes and followers, Covid19, multi-level marketing, dating sites and 3rd party companies will cost an additional $100 to publish


Articles containing illegal or unethical behavior on the part of another party, such as kidnapping, torture, etc are strictly Prohibited.

Article Body– These are the guidelines we follow to write the content of your press release

– The article must be between 200-500 words.

– Your article can have no more than 1 link per 100 words.

– The headline must include the company’s name.

– The article cannot be written like a sales pitch, it must be neutral/informational.

– The article must have a specific topic, no general articles allowed.

– Avoid bullet point lists or fragmented texts as they will not be accepted by some news outlets.

– Exclude contact info from the article as you will be uploading that separately.

– Must be in English.